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Coaching is what makes a player or a team succeed. Coaches observe the strengths and weaknesses of their players. Then, drawing from experience, guide them to greatness. So it is with public speaking. Great speakers aren't born that way. They are crafted from a blend of natural abilities, aquired skills, and personal experiences with input and direction from others who have already worked thru that process.

Need an objective opinion on your speaking skills? Want to improve on what you already have? Need some help with your confidence or overcoming fear?
Rocky Nichols is an Award Winning Speech Evaluator who has helped dozens of individuals fine tune their presentation skills and further advance in their personal and career goals. His unintimidating style of observations and suggestions may reveal a speakers valuable skills and abilities, as well as uncover those characteristics yet unfound. His successful journey from fearful incompetence to uncompromising ease before most any audience has encouraged others to press thru to their own personal achievements.

Rocky's most valued skill is to assist pastor's and ministry leaders in fine tuning their gifts of teaching and leadership.

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