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Known by his friends as the Quiet Guy in the back of the room, Rocky Nichols tried something far out of his comfort zone . . . Stand-up Comedy. It was a frightening yet transformational milestone. After completing three lackluster performances, he decided that comedy wasn't for him, but perhaps Public Speaking was. Remembering a suggestion from the late Zig Ziglar, he joined a Toastmasters Club in February of 2009. After ten years of training and execution, Rocky earned the designation of DTM, the highest rating awarded by Toastmasters International. He has competed in over 85 speech contests, winning at highest District Level.

In August of 2018 Rocky severed his Achilles Tendon while mountain climping in Colorado. That injury resulted in surgery and a long recovery at home. During those weeks of imobility and hearing a "still small voice", it became obvious that God had a plan to supercede his own personal and professional goals. After discussing the situation with his pastor, he enrolled in Global University with the Assemblies of God USA.

Today, Rocky is eagerly accepting opportunities to fill open pulpits where ministry leaders need a short break. Longer commitments will be prayerfully considered.

Rocky is an accomplished speaker, group leader, meeting consultant and sermon evaluator. Many presentation examples can be viewed using the "Sermons on YouTube" link on the Home Page. Be sure to contact him using the "Contact" link at the bottom of each page.

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