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Known by his friends as the Quiet Guy in the back of the room, Rocky Nichols tried something far out of his comfort zone . . . Stand-up Comedy. It was a frightening yet transformational milestone. After completing three lackluster performances, he decided that comedy wasn't for him, but perhaps Public Speaking was. Remembering a suggestion from the late Zig Ziglar, he joined a Toastmasters Club in February of 2009. Since then, he has promoted the virtues of Toastmasters International and its Public Speaking and Leadership Programs wherever he can.

One of Rocky's goals is to speak at the "World Championship of Public Speaking" and so far has competed in over seventy speech contests in the effort to qualify. He says, "I may never get there, but the experiences along the way have been priceless." Besides competing, he also trains others who wish to achieve that same goal. "Its not like I am training my competitors, I actually become a better speaker in helping others to succeed. It truly is a Win-Win situation".

When time permits he presents training sessions to corporations and public speaking organizations and is a frequent guest speaker at local organizations from Northern Michigan to Southern Florida.

Full time speaking is not what he aspires to. As he would say, "Speaking is something that adds variety, adventure and some added income to my life." But more importantly, "Delivering value thru the act of speaking brings the greatest satisfaction."

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